Do-it-yourself Mouthwash Recipes for teeth remineralizing and whitening

For what it's worth I always expect the best from my mouthwash.

The ingredients used for today's average mouthwash contain chemical additives and sweeteners that fall short on my expectancy.

Even those brands that state "natural mouthwash" tend to fail. They turn out to be not that effective, very expensive and not even 50% natural.

Thus, I decided to make my very own mouthwash; I created and tested a recipe that works and I want to share it.

What I want from a mouthwash

1. It must have a minty taste. Those that taste like citrus or herbal is not working for me, especially since they taste like an 1894 snake oil remedy that doesn't leave a fresh breath behind.

2. It should be (a bit) sweet. I'm not referring to deep sweetness; just a touch of sweet flavor would make the whole mouthwash experience way better.

3. It must protect me from cavities. This is just a precaution. Weston A. Price presented thoroughly in the book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, what important impact our diet has on dental health.

4. It should make teeth whiter. Everyone likes a clean, bright smile. However, I don't like to use kits for whitening that contain many substances I'm not familiar with or burn my gums. I prefer a day-to-day process rather than an action I have to repeat once per week or month, which I could forget about.

5. It must remineralize. In the best-case scenario, our saliva covers our teeth in minerals to protect them from agents that come into contact while eating, drinking, and performing everyday activities. An imbalance in this process can lead to tooth decay (as it's stated in the Cure Tooth decay book) thus we should use a mouthwash that can restore the balance.

Keeping in mind these five principles, I mixed ingredients that resulted in a perfect blend that works for me and tastes good. Here is the composition:

Do-it-yourself Mouthwash Recipes for teeth remineralizing and whitening


2-teaspoons calcium carbonate powder
2 cups of filtered water
1-teaspoon xylitol crystals
10 drops concentrated trace minerals liquid
10 drops peppermint essential oil (get essential oils online)
5 drops spearmint essential oil (get essential oils online)
5 drops lemon essential oil (get essential oils online)


Put the xylitol crystals and the calcium powder in a glass mixing cup and stir them.
Add liquid minerals, essential oils and water and stir again.
The mixture should be poured in a glass bottle (use an old cider or vinegar bottle).
Close the bottle tight and then mix the ingredients for 30-60 seconds until the xylitol is dissolved.
Before every use, make sure you shake the bottle. This mixture can be kept in the refrigerator for approximately two weeks.

Why did I use these ingredients?

The calcium powder and the concentrated minerals have the property of remineralizing the teeth.

Xylitol crystals offer cavity protection and sweeten the taste.

Lemon essential oil makes your teeth whiter and brighter.

Peppermint and spearmint essential oil offer a fresh flavor and leave a cool breath behind.

Do you need some help? Do you like it? Do you hate it?

Did you try my recipe? Or do you happen to have your personal mouthwash recipe? Let me know if you have any comments or questions. Share them all in the comment section under the post.

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