I don't know about you, but I always had a complicated relationship with mouthwash

I don't know about you, but I always had a complicated relationship with mouthwash. I hate the aftertaste and the burning but simply love the fresh feeling it gives. I liked the orange flavored Listerine mouthwash, but I hated the price. In case you didn't get it I like cheap things. (Note: It's all right to admit that you are cheap. But you can't say the same about your husband's relatives. Word of advice.)

baking soda

Thus, being on a journey to saving money in the spirit of Stacy Makes Cents, I decided it was time I produced my own mouthwash. Of course, I could use Vodka on a daily basis but you see that is not cheap. That is strictly for house made vanilla.

I looked over the internet, but I couldn't find a suitable recipe. So, I decided to combine some recipes to produce a mouthwash of my own. I did try quite a few. Some combinations didn't work out too good but when I found a proper one felt like hitting the jackpot.

I already had all the ingredients I needed: water, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, baking soda and stevia. I saw that many people like to add a teaspoon of vodka to their mouthwash but since my vodka is used for something else and since it isn't needed, I didn't add any.

Tip: We have a Berkey for filtering water; you should boil your water if you don't have filtered water and then cool it down to the room's temperature. Why is that necessary? You need to get rid of all the bacteria in the water. I won't start telling you what the town's waters contain since this isn't a horror blog.

I personally used peppermint oil for a fresh flavor, but you can add spearmint, cinnamon or orange whichever one you like best.

Add tea tree oil for its antiseptic properties of killing the germs in your mouth. Tea tree oil goes to war against the bacteria that develops in the mouth. You should use it if you are not using vodka.

Mix the water, oils, baking soda and stevia in a container. Close the lid and shake well till everything is combined.

I'm not really into science, but I can tell you this: baking soda is a really good ingredient especially for neutralizing the bacteria in your mouth. I know I mention the bacteria quite a lot in this post. Sorry for that. However, that is the cause of bad breath and baking soda neutralizes it. This makes for a good gift for bad breath people you may know; tell them you have a hint and you are experimenting. ;-)

Stevia gives the sweet flavor. If you don't want or have it, you can cross it out.

The mixture should look a tad milky, just like this. Don't forget to shake it well before each use since the baking soda tends to settle at the bottom of the container.

I love Texas, and I also have a Texas shot glass. I used shot glass for the mouthwash. If all your family uses the mouthwash, you might want to have individual jars (looking back on it, I should have used a smaller shot) to make sure you avoid backwash and cross-contamination. Backwash is pretty scary.

We really like this homemade mouthwash! Like it a lot - we think it's better than those we bought from the store. It gives you a fresh breath, clean mouth and no bad taste after you use it. You might find the baking soda saltiness a bit odd, but then you'll get used to it and even grow to like it. No more bad breath!

Last, but not least the cost savings are really nice. If you already have the ingredients, it cost you pennies to create a batch. If you don't have the ingredients, I advise you invest in them especially since tea tree oil is good to have around.

Do-it-yourself Mouthwash

8 ounces filtered water (or boiled and cooled water)
4 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
4 drops Tea Tree Oil
5 drops liquid stevia (optional)
1 teaspoon vodka (optional)
Mix all the ingredients in pint-sized container.
Close the lid and shake well to combine the ingredients.
Shake before each use.

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